International Desk

As it is our daily business to bring parties of different cultural backgrounds together, we see the importance of understanding legal needs of all related parties, establishing the correct and beneficial kind of communication between them and creating solutions that provide all desired results.

We know that one most go beyond the language and understand cultural differences to be able to bring dealing parties together, establish the correct and beneficial kind of communication and make sure that all parties understand each other, so that common goals are reached. Frequently this endeavor requires a gentle touch of innovation and the ability to create solutions that are truly accepted by counterparts of different legal cultures. As members of Arıkan Legal, we reach all involved parties through understanding, clarity and honesty.

As it is our daily business to provide legal services to foreign investors and business solution partners with respect to their transaction within Turkey or with Turkish counterparts. All of our team members are proficient in English, and we have team members who are more than happy to provide services in German, French as well as Spanish. To get more information on our experience with international transactions please contact