We advise our clients, who are active in a wide variety of sectors, with drafting, negotiation and execution of all types of contracts, including standard contracts which can commonly be required due the daily necessities of doing business, as well as extraordinary and complex contracts for comprehensive and detailed cooperations or special transactions requiring parties to step outside the routine practices.

Close-up of two scientists writing chemical formulas on glass board and discussing them in team

We find great pleasure in drafting and negotiating international contracts, as dealing with clients and legal advisors from different cultural backgrounds requires all involved parties to understand each other, whereby all contracting parties shall respect the legal requirements, legal and business sensitivities as well as commercial goals of all other parties.

At Arikan Legal, we believe that legal expertise, experience and innovation make a legal consultant successful in their professional assistance provided to their clients. When it comes to contracts, legal consultants shall understand the commercial practice of their clients in detail, understand the actual, daily risks, technical, commercial and legal risks of their clients’ businesses in order to create the legal safety nets that are required to protect the daily business of their clients.

In order to achieve that kind of detailed understanding, we work closely with managerial, technical, financial and legal teams of our clients and reflect the necessary safety nets to their contacts.