Corporate and M&A

Corporate and M&A

International investment transactions can greatly benefit from the guidance of professionals who can create a bridge between different cultures, so that the right way and means of communication are used and all involved parties are understood. When goals and demands of all parties are clear, deals can be structured to implement the safety nets required and beneficial for all partners.

At Arikan Legal, we work to establish to right way of communication and create solutions that make all dealing parties happy. This requires a comprehensive expertise, a solid experience as well as innovative skills that allow us to create original solutions that are required by the specific conditions and particularities of each deal.

In our corporate and M&A department, we provide our clients legal assistance with respect to all stages of M&A transactions, from determining the investment strategies and creating the deal structures facilitating the implementation of such long-term strategies to the closing of the deals. When requested, we also assist our clients with the corporate house-keeping and legal reporting after the investment phase is finalized.

In order to create tailor-made solutions, which can deliver the desired results, we rely on our legal knowledge and experience of implementing American and European investment mechanisms for investors investing in Turkey and for Turkish clients investing or doing business abroad.

We work in teams comprising of experts of several practice areas and we work closely with the financial, IT, management and other teams and consultants of our clients. In our daily practice, we provide legal assistance to local and foreign clients, investing or receiving investment in Turkey.