Employment & Benefits

Employment & Benefits

As the relationship of a company with its employees can have a crucial effect on its public perception, we handle employment related issues with due care and in close cooperation with our clients’ teams.

We assist our clients with all sorts of employment law related issues, such as building legal structures establishing the required flexibility and legal security for our clients, creating legal infrastructures for workspace safety, providing legal advice on daily HR issues, representing our clients in all kinds of labor law related litigation in all venues and drafting and negotiating sensitive executive employment contracts.

As technology changes our way of life, new developments in technology change the approach of companies to their human resources. As we are assisting our clients with the traditional employment related matters, we also assist the companies of the new era in developing their employment and benefit structures. In this regard, we prepare employment structures, remote working and outsourcing programs and benefit programs for mid and high-level employees.


Within our M&A practice, we analyze and report employment related issues of target companies, we provide creative solutions to eliminate potential employment-related risks of the investment or overtaking process, we prepare employment agreements for key personnel with the aim to provide a risk-free transition and assist with other employment-based issues in the M&A process.